Is Your Data Really Secure In The Cloud?
Posted by Jake Cohen

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Are you thinking about moving all or parts of your computer network “to the cloud” but worried about who can access your data? You’re not alone, but many security experts, software companies and cloud-service providers alike agree that cloud computing offers a MORE secure way to store data. In fact, the US governments cyber security adviser, Howard Schmidt, has said that cloud computing will enable businesses to catch up on security issues. That’s because most small businesses do not have high-security measures in place for their data on-site and lack tight password protection policies, firewall management and backup procedures. The same business owners who verbalize their concern about putting their data in the cloud are backing up their entire network to a tape drive and leaving it in their car overnight – or are using weak passwords for important access points to their network, which are much bigger security risks than storing it in a highly secure, highly redundant cloud platfor...

A Backup Plan You’re Sure To Fall In Love With
Posted by Jake Cohen

In today’s fast-paced, data-driven world, backups are mission critical to your company’s survival and success. Yet your data may be just one damaged drive, lost laptop, natural disaster, accidental deletion, malware attack, equipment failure, power spike or petty theft away from a profit-sucking, heartbreaking disaster. So what measures must you take to keep your data safe, secure and where you need it, when you need it? While there’s no one-size-fits-all-guns silver bullet, there are some general principles to be aware of. Image-Based Backups An image-based backup or “clone” serves like the spare tire for your car. If you get a flat, the spare will get you to a tire shop. If the hard drive on any device in the network goes bad and its user is in a time crunch to complete a project, an image-based backup allows them to get right back to where they were. It saves all files, apps and settings that were on that device, exactly the way were at the time of the last backup. Ge...

Winter Disaster For Your Data?
Posted by Jake Cohen

  With winter here, the possible threat of a major blizzard or winter disaster could occur and business still needs to run as usual. Customers need to be kept happy and it is critical to keep data safe. Here are 5 easy steps you can take this winter season to get your office prepared for this winter’s worst. 1. Be ready for power outages. A power outage can hurt your business in more ways than you think. Besides employee downtime, it takes time to safely get everything back up and running. Then you need to make sure no critical files have been damaged or lost. Auto save features can help minimize lost files in a sudden power outage.   2. Keep lines of communication open. Customer frustration due to production delays and not being able to reach key people at your company can be very costly in terms of both revenues and your company’s reputation. Here are three ways to make sure calls to your office don’t get bobbled when a storm rolls in: Create a ...

10 Ways To Prevent Data Disaster
Posted by Jake Cohen

In less than 60 seconds, you are about to learn 10 things that could save you days, weeks  of downtime. Not to mention the undue stress on your company, and potentially thousands of dollars lost, due to a data disaster… Use this article as your checklist to assure that your business has the right plan in place to get back up and running quickly if and when disaster strikes. Simply thinking in advance what needs to happen when things go south and documenting it, can go a long way toward getting your network back up and running quickly if it something were to happen. Outline the types of disasters that could happen, and a step-by-step recovery process. Be sure to include a budget, what to do, who should do it and how. Store printed copies along with key contact information and login details for essential credentials. Hire a trusted professional to help you. Trying to recover data after a disaster without professional help is business suicide. One wrong step can result in weeks o...

Are Your Backups Safe?
Posted by Jake Cohen

It's only natural that when you hear of a disaster you think it couldn’t happen to you. That’s why, even though we’re told constantly that we should diligently maintain a working backup recovery system because all our company’s data could be lost in an instant, we tend to brush off the advice. Yet, disasters do happen when you least expect them, and they can happen to anyone. So to illustrate the importance of staying on top of your data recovery system, here are three tales of “data gone wrong.” After all, there’s nothing quite like a good horror story to inspire action! Toy Story 2: Gone! One morning in 1998, the animators at Pixar Studios working on Toy Story 2 noticed that Woody’s hat started disappearing. Then his boots… Then all of Woody – gone! Other characters started disappearing too. A rogue command in their system had started wiping out data. No problem, the team thought, as they pulled out the backups. Unfortunately, the backups were bad and only had data from 10 month...